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A little piece of paradise


The largest island in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia was one of the first Greek colonies. The island’s volcanic origin has blessed it with a very fertile soil making it perfect for farming and providing it with stunning lush vegetation. Ischia’s weather is mild and warm all year round: plenty of sun rays to catch, whenever you visit. 

The island’s highlights include—of course—its crystal-clear sea and beaches, as well as thermal hot springs, folklore, archeology, history, tradition, nature, cuisine and wines, local crafts – and last but not least, sports and entertainment.

A true paradise, Ischia is an island with plenty to offer all year round, from sunrise to sunset, and to people of all ages.

Thanks to its thermal waters and muds, the mellow pace of the local lifestyle, and the warm Mediterranean sun, a stay in Ischia is a synonym of relaxation and wellbeing.

Where sea meets land


Ischia is made of colours. Blue for its sky, sea and fish; green for its lush nature and tuff; white for its houses and sails; pink and yellow for its many flowers; orange for its tangy citrus fruits, and red for its cherry tomatoes, chili peppers and wine. A whole rainbow of emotions and a feast for the senses, this island will welcome you into a more relaxed state of mind with its mellow, slow pace.

Let yourself be carried away by the island’s history and nature, and discover its every corner, bay, wood, crag, vineyard, grotto, hidden cove… and taste the flavours of both its sea and its fertile land. Ischia’s food tradition dates back to the Neolithic Age and is constantly enriched with new, contemporary flavours.

From the island’s coast to its peak, Mount Epomeo, Ischia tells the story of the civilisations that colonised it or passed by for hundreds of years. All these influences have made it a one-of-a-kind destination where farming meets seafaring, where ancient history and modern-day “dolce vita” coexist and complement each other—along with wilderness and luxury, family-friendly beaches and secluded coves that can only be accessed via boat (or a long hike).

Living Ischia

By feet, by boat, by public transport, by car, by motorbike, by canoe—or swimming! The island covers an area of 46sqm and its coast stretches for 37km. In this little space you’ll find everything and more: breath-taking views, forests, hiking trails, vineyards as far as the eye can see, bays, beaches, thermal and botanical gardens, springs and fumaroles, archaeological sights, thousand-year-old thermal baths, hundred-year-old wine cellars inside tuff caves, bars and restaurants serving local wine and food, shops, festivals and other events—and a lot more. We recommend that you stay as long as possible—three days, three weeks, thirty days? …You’ll soon find it’s really hard to grow tired of this island: every day is the promise of something new to discover, from dusk until dawn, all year round. And as always, we’ll be happy to recommend the best sights and experiences based on the kind of holiday you’re looking for. 

How to reach Ischia

Ischia island has great connections with the mainland via ferry or hydrofoil to Napoli at Molo Beverello, Calata di Massa or Pozzuoli. From Molo Beverello you can take a hydrofoil to Casamicciola, Ischia and Forio. From Calata di Massa you can take a ferry to Ischia or Casamicciola. From Pozzuoli, ferries to Ischia and Casamicciola are available.

The trip from Napoli takes 1h30min by ferry (2 hours if the ferry stops at Procida island), and 1h10min if you take the ferry from Pozzuoli.

Trips are shorter via hydrofoil: 55 minutes from Molo Beverello to Ischia Porto, 1hr to Casamicciola and 1h10min to Forio.

Napoli Beverello and Calata di Massa are well connected to the airport and the main train stations via taxi, bus, metro and tram. Pozzuoli is easy to get to only by car.

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